Howlin' at the Moon Howlin' At The Moon
It's a Runaway Express original song, and Sam Bush took it to the top of the bluegrass chart a few years ago. Included is a song we co-wrote with Bob Shane of the Kingston Trio celebrating their legendary history. Also featured is a tribute to the legendary bluegrass band "The Dillards", a song they recorded on their Grammy nominated "Let it Fly" release. Expect cameo performances by John McEuen, the Subdudes' John Magnie, and Ramblin' Jack Elliott. This remarkably packaged project (designed by Greg and Salli who won the IBMA Graphic Design Award for their work on Steve Martin's "The Crow") also includes a book of poetry by Charles John Quarto, the poet-laureate of the Kerrville Folk Festival. More bluegrass and country-folk than our other recent releases, this album is a thoughtful reflection of the beauty sought by those of us who are music and art driven.

The Songs


  1. Ozark Night Intro J. Ratts
  2. That Song About The River C.J. Quarto/S. Gillette
  3. West Texas Wind Jon Ims
  4. Howlin' At The Moon J. Ratts/J. McEuen
  5. River Bill Staines
  6. Stuff That Works Guy Clark/R. Crowell
  7. Cross Between A River And A Cross C.J. Quarto
  8. Baby Sings The Blues Steve Walters
  9. Child's Song M. McGlaughlin
  10. Stories We Could Tell Jon Sebastian
  11. Sweet Is The Melody Iris Dement
  12. Ozark Night (For The Dillards) J. Ratts
  13. Letter To Mom J. Ratts
  14. Every Inch Of The Way (For The Kingston Trio) J. Ratts/Bob Shane
  15. Lay Down Your Weary Tune B. Dylan
  16. Friend For Life B.Bowers / Dare Of An Angel C.J. Quarto / How Can I Keep From Singing trad.
The Band


Jim Ratts
     * Vocals
     * Guitars
     * Keys

Salli Ratts
     * Vocals

Ernie Martinez
     * Mandolin
     * Banjo
     * Dobro
     * Guitar
     * Mandola

Scott Bennett
     * 6-string, 12-string, baritone, electric guitars

Butch Hause
     * Bass

Chris Stongle
     * Drums

Daniel Jones
     * Steel

Ted Cole
     * Flute

Ed Contreras
     * Percussion

Gordon Burt
     * Violin

John Magnie
     * Accordion

Margot Krimmel
     * Harp

Timothy P. Irvin
     * Vocals

Bob Shane
     * "Ah, play it Mon!" & "Woof!"



Recorded at Raven Recording

Produced & engineered by Jim Ratts

Mastered by Butch Hause

Designed: G. Carr, Salli Ratts, Jim Ratts

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Howlin at the moon

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