Nature, Songs of the Wild

Songs of the Wild

Nature is a celebration of wild things and wild places. These compositions were written for the Aerie Nature Series and have been used as eductional tools in the Colorado school system for a decade. Universal themes of appreciation and preservation are explored in this project, and the sounds of nature provide audio-collage transitions between the songs. Take a drive in the mountains with this one!

Written and performed for the Aerie Nature Series by Runaway Express

Dedicated to Nancy May Ratts, my grandmother, who taught me to love gardens.

The Songs


  1. Wild In Colorado prologue Ratts/Conway
  2. They Were Nearly Gone Ratts/Conway
  3. Face To Face Ratts/Conway
  4. Howlin' aAt The Moon J. Ratts/J. McEuen
  5. Sparrows Ted Cole
  6. PredatorRatts/Conwayl
  7. It's A Dog's Life Ratts/Conway
  8. Wildlife In Danger Ratts/Conway
  9. Wild In Colorado Ratts/Conway
  10. The Old TraiCharles John Quarto/Steve Gillette BMI
  11. This Land Is Your Land Woody Guthrie Ludlow Music BMI
  12. Rightful Owners J. Ratts

All Jim Ratts songs, James Loyd Publishing, BMI

The Band


Jim Ratts

Salli Ratts

Harry Bruckner

Scott Bennett

Ted Cole

Ernie Martinez

Joey DeLauro

Chris Stongle

Butch Hause

Ed Contreras

Daniel Jones

Gordon Burt

Mike Mixter

John Magnie

Peter Schwimmer

Charlie Provenza

Bill Brennan

Tim Irvin

Special vocal appearances:
     * Amy Nugent (3)
     * Mary Huckins (harmony 9 & 11,         epilogue)
     * Vicki Jones (harmony 11)



Eagle photo by Perry Conway

Landscape photos by Jim Ratts

Layout & design by Jim & Salli Ratts

Concept & lyric assistance by Perry Conway

Recorded at Raven Recording

Produced by Jim Ratts

Mastered by Tom Capek

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