Port of Mystery and Tilt-a-World Port of Mystery and Tilt-A-World
The "Port of Mystery" and "Tilt-A-World" Compilation.
Interested in another Runaway Express Recording before "Yeah, Buddy!"?
This is our recommendation. 73 minutes of music on one CD selected from the "Port" and "Tilt" projects. Features our version of the Sam Bush bluegrass hit "Howlin' at the Moon,, which we wrote.
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The Songs


  1. Ton of Gold J. Ratts
  2. Katrina J. Ratts
  3. Howlin' at the Moon J. Ratts/J.McEuen
  4. Yard Sale S. Stajich
  5. Time for the Wind to Change J. Ratts
  6. Handprint of Man J. Ratts
  7. Urge for Goain' Joni Mitchell
  8. Angels are on Parade L. Maich
  9. Gonna Be Mine J. Ratts
  10. Juli J. Ratts
  11. Dimming of the Day R. Thompson
  12. Head Over Heels J. Ratts
  13. Buy for Me the Rain Noonan/Copeland
  14. Fisher's Hornpipe
  15. Ozark Night For the Dillards J. Ratts
  16. Back on the Street Again S. Gillette
  17. Final Destination J. Ratts
  18. Tilt-a-World J. Ratts
  19. Vagabond J. Ratts
  20. Virginia Park/Footsteps in the Sand Issacson/Ratts
The Band


Jim Ratts
Salli Ratts
Scott Bennett
Ted Cole
Daniel Jones
Harry Bruckner

The Guests

John McEuen
Howard Isaacson (sax)
Billie Brennan
Mike Mixter
Joey DeLauro
Paul Valentine
Rob Chamberlain
Merel Brigante
Keith Riker & Kem Stralka
Ron Jones
(steel drums)
Emilio (percussion)
Chris Allen (vibes)
Roger Bonette (keys)
Gordon Burt (fiddle)
Jerry Mills (mandolin)
Hereford Percy (banjo)
Jim Salestrom & John Cable (harmony)



Produced by Jim Ratts, Raven Recording

Mastered by Butch Hause

You may order this CD by mail, by sending a check or money order for $15 payable to:
Raven Recording
P.O. Box 2333
Englewood, Colorado 80150 USA
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