Underground, away from the distractions of the real world, is the "Reel to Reel World", no longer quite as analog as it once was.
invites folks down to the catacombs of Raven Recording to create the album of their dreams, or he spends untold hours by himself in joyful pursuit of the great unattainable perfect audio collage.

"Some people get carried away and I have some prime examples. They have names like "Radioland", "Tommy's Christmas Surprise", "Demsda Blues", and the one that really carried me away, "Those Fabulous Sixties". The '60s project took the kind of time some people spend building a viable career. I have no excuse and offer no apology. It's the classic labor of love. Bob Livingston, the bass player with Jerry Jeff's Lost Gonzo Band called this work 'cosmic'. "Jim," he said, "I don't know how you did this, but I'm glad you did!"

These discs, for obvious reasons, are not for sale, but you can be the proud owner of "Radioland" or "Those Fabulous Sixties" by asking for one when you purchase a Runaway CD. Heck of a deal!

"A great piece of work." - Dr. Demento

"A mind-blowing ode to the Sixties. The 4 minute 'single' is killer."
Ben Fong-Torres former editor "Rolling Stone"

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