Small Towns

Small Towns
All towns are small towns — when you consider the universe.

"Sal and I would like to send a special thanks to family and friends who've supported the lengthy process (beginning in 1998!) of making this record ~ especially Graham Lewis and Jolly Demis (for his almost religious dedication to honesty as the project progressed); to our amazing band members (Butch, Chris, Gordon, Rob, Daniel and my constant studio companion Ernie) who gave me musical jewels to assemble and organize in an effort to call myself an arranger and producer; to the everlasting spirit of Scott Bennett; to Mason Williams, Bob Shane, John McEuen and David Amram for encouragement, support and inspiration; and to the eternal sirit of the American small town, a complex and curious construct existing al across this country, providing a potential place for serenity, personal growth and human unity."
Peace. Jim

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The Songs


  1. Prelude Ratts, Martinez, Brown, Gattis
  2. This Old Town Janis Ian and Jon Vezner
  3. Our Town Iris Dement
  4. Seet Lovin' Daddy Jesse Winchester
  5. Your Home Town Bruce Springsteen
  6. Early Greg Brown
  7. Little Town Tour Chuck Pyle
  8. Oildale Mike Beck
  9. Kansas Skies Jim Ratts (watch video)
  10. Number 29 Steve Earle
  11. Gunslinger John Fogerty
  12. Texas Trilogy/Daybreak Fromholtz/Legrande
  13. Texas Trilogy/Trainride Steve Fromholtz
  14. Texas 1947 Guy Clark
  15. Our Town Randy Newman
  16. The Quiet Life Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson
  17. Metropolis R. Anthony Smith and Christopher Wallin
    I'm a Small Town by Keith Gattis; Early by Greg Brown
The Musicians


Jim Ratts
     * Vocals
     * Guitar
     * Synth

Salli Ratts
     * Vocals

Ernie Martinez
     * Mandolin
     * Dobro
     * Banjo
     * Mandola
     * Electric, acoustic, & classical guitars
     * Steel

Butch Hause
     * Bass

Rob Lowe
     * Steinway piano
     * Keys

Gordon Burt
     * Fiddle

Chris Stongle
     * Drums

Daniel Jones
     * Steel

Scott Bennett
     * Various acoustic & electric guitars

Ed Contreras
     * Percussion

Dana Vernon
     * Electric guitar

Guy Steagall
     * Electic Guitarl

John Magnie
     * Accordion

Richard Dean
     * Guitar

Mollie O'Brien
Tim Cook
Jolly Demis
Ted Cole
Timothy P. Irvin
Amy Nugent

     * Vocals



Water colors by William Matthews

Poems by John Charles Quarto

Band photos by Bill Patterson

Produced and engineered by Jim Ratts

Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow

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