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Small Towns

Celebrate Woodstock 2020
Our project examines this legendary festival and the generation that bears its name. Presented as a multi-layered audio collage and featuring a dozen Runaway originals, it’s a cinematic, technicolor explosion of music and memories. Included are 40 songs from the period by Janis, Jimi, CCR, CSN&Y, The Band, The Dead, The Who, The Airplane, and dozens more. “Celebrate Woodstock” honors this historic event in a romantic fashion, appropriate to the fantasy it became. Stage announcements, poetry, sound effects, musical montages, radio reports and audience responses invite involvement into our production. It’s really an audio movie allowing the listener to play the role of cinematographer. Once you respond to the record’s initial plea to 'Come On!', you are in for an uninterrupted 80 minutes of concentrated Sixties, featuring the music, attitude and aspirations of the era.
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Small Towns

Small Towns
All towns are small towns — when you consider the universe.
This CD features 17 songs, including 1 Jim Ratts original, "Kansas Skies."
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Watch the video by Greg Carr: Kansas Skies

Yeah, Buddy!

Yeah, Buddy!
Anniversary Edition
Yeah, Buddy!
Anniversary Edition
Originally recorded in 2000, this 2011 release is an elaborate re-mastering of "Yeah, Buddy!". This anniversary celebration has been transfered from analog tape, re-sung, re-arranged and re-mixed to create a bigger, better sounding record. Included are 20 Buddy Holly songs done up in true eclectic RE style. Bluegrass instrumentation supercharged with a full rock ensemble. Harmonies and echoes of West Texas rockabilly abound. Caprock'n'roll!
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TM/© 2000, Maria Elena Holly licensed by CMG Worldwide, Inc.

Howlin' at the Moon

Howlin' At The Moon
It's a Runaway Express original song, and Sam took it to the top of the bluegrass chart a few years ago. Included is a song we co-wrote with Bob Shane of the Kingston Trio celebrating their legendary history. Also featured is a tribute to the legendary bluegrass band "The Dillards", a song they recorded on their Grammy nominated "Let it Fly" release. Expect cameo performances by John McEuen, the Subdudes' John Magnie, and Ramblin' Jack Elliott. This remarkably packaged project (designed by Greg and Salli who won the IBMA Graphic Design Award for their work on Steve Martin's "The Crow") also includes a book of poetry by Charles John Quarto, the poet-laureate of the Kerrville Folk Festival. More bluegrass and country-folk than our other recent releases, this album is a thoughtful reflection of the beauty sought by those of us who are music and art driven.
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Howlin at the moon
Wild Jimbos two II

Wild Jimbos Two
Produced by Rattbo. Features songs by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's Jimmy Ibbotson, with Salestrom and Ratts on harmonies. WJII includes country rock classics "It's Morning" and "Killy Beggs" (Ibby performed this tune on the Chieftains' Grammy Award winning album, "Another Country.") Remember that Sam Bush produced and played in the band for their debut MCA release which featured Ratts' 'Howlin' at the Moon', later to be a Top-10 Bluegrass hit for Sam. Do not miss these classic Ibbotson songs and performances! You'll think you went to Dirt Band Heaven.
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Oh, Boy! Another Yeah Buddy

Oh, Boy!
Another "Yeah, Buddy!"
"Oh, Boy!" is the 2004 companion release to the Sept. 2000 "Yeah, Buddy!" carrying on the tradition of re-interpreting the classic songs of Buddy Holly. "Oh, Boy!" is more rhythm driven and folk/rock inspired than the bluegrass influenced "Yeah, Buddy!" Hear "Peggy Sue", "Rave On", "Rainin In My Heart" and "True Love Ways" get the RE treatment. Eye-popping artwork with a pop-up strat inside and a powerful Holly tribute song "Caprock" by Jim.
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See the Yeah, Buddy! Anniversary CD

Tilt-A-World Tilt-A-World
Featuring the early Runaway Express version of Jim's "Howlin' at the Moon" and the tune written for Bob Shane of the Kingston Trio, "Singin' Every Inch of the Way." Bob sings this song on his final 2019 release called “Simple Gifts”. After selling millions in his lifetime, 'Every Inch' was the last song on his last record. John McEuen is a guest on mandolin.
Port of Mystery Port of Mystery
Features Ratts' songs written for and recorded by the Limelighters ('Use It Up' – they recorded it twice) and the Dillards ('Ozark Night' and 'Bed of Clover'). Hear a revised country-rock version of the Dirt Band's first single 'Buy For Me The Rain'. John McEuen plays banjo. Salli kills on Richard Thompson's 'Dimming of the Day'!
Nature, Songs of the Wild

Songs of the Wild

Nature is a celebration of wild things and wild places. These compositions were written for the Aerie Nature Series and have been used as eductional tools in the Colorado school system for a decade. Universal themes of appreciation and preservation are explored in this project, and the sounds of nature provide audio-collage transitions between the songs. Take a drive in the mountains with this one!
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Now and Then Salli Ratts

Now and Then
All songs feature Salli on lead vocals.
"Yes, this really is me, pointing a child's toy gun at a friend of my parents' that I obviously didn't like. But, I'd give anything to have that outfit again. At least I still have the the scuffed-up knees."

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Now available on CD, recently re-mastered Runaway projects from the 80s; including Cadillac Dreams, Headed West, Kansas Skies, and 0. Each of these lengthy albums (from 64 to 96 minutes) is available for $15. Only by mail.